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We provide expert property investment coaching at The Property Ladder to both new and growing investors. Whether you are a beginner looking to take your first steps as a property investor, or you want to find out how to optimise your portfolio, get in touch with us.

We’ll provide you with expert advice and in-depth knowledge of property investment, the property market in New Zealand, the financial markets, and the steps you need to take to be a successful property investor.

We’ll also provide you with practical support. This includes access to professionals handpicked by us who can provide you with mortgage brokerage services, property insurance services, rental property management services, and more. These are the same professionals that we work with, so they will provide the support that you need.

To find out more about our direct personal property investment coaching and to become a member, please get in touch.

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Our Journey

When we began property investing in 1999, there was very little help or guidance available. Some books gave vague ideas around a range of issues, but there was little else. I grew a portfolio across, residential and the dairy sector.

Property investment is a complex subject but, over time, we learned what works and what does not.

Key to success is having a plan to meet strategic investment goals. This plan acts as a guide, indicating the types of property that will be able to achieve those goals – goals for wealth creation and generate passive income

So, we developed analysis tools to identify properties that met our cashflow limitations at the time.

We also identified market opportunities and the underlying factors that make some investments better than others.

Plus, having a team of property professionals – lawyers, accountants, and mortgage brokers as well as us –will ensure your portfolio is a success.




As a new, to the investment property market investor, I have been privileged to have Leila Robinson alongside me. Leila has helped to help guide and encourage me to make decisions that fit well with my personal risk preference profile and investment aims. I have found her prompting and assessment, providing me with information or explanations, but especially the knowledge she has, to teach me about strategizing, ensuring I have the correct structures and key people in place, along with helping me to understand the numbers, to be most reassuring. These key qualities and skills, along with her personable manner, have been of great assistance as I step out on this journey, giving me the confidence to proceed. I highly recommend Leila to any new investors, especially single women who feel they would like the reassurance, humor, and positivity of someone who knows!

This process was pleasant. Leila was always friendly and affable. She constantly seemed interested in our situation and finding solutions just for us. In the end, all solutions were canvassed. Leila helped to make the process very easy. With her extensive contacts and experience, she not only saved us money and time but, more importantly, lowered our anxiety levels. I wholeheartedly endorse Leila for her pleasant ways, her experience in and knowledge of the finance/investment and real estate industry, her reliability, and her flexibility.

I always wanted to purchase a Residential Investment property as a retirement plan but I couldn't see how I could. Without winning Lotto, of course. I was referred to, Leila Robinson. And I was very pleased they did! Leila was like a breath of fresh air. She fielded all my basic questions with grace and worked with me through the whole process. I call Leila my 'pocket rocket'; she is a dynamo of positive energy, extremely easy to get along with, and totally professional in all her dealings. I have recommended her to friends and family and would be happy to provide a verbal testimonial too if required.

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Property Investment Coaching

If you are looking for residential property investment coaching in New Zealand, get in touch with us.